Coronovirus update – following guidance from professional bodies, and Public Health England,   I will be working in a different way, and have introduced new measures to protect you, your family and the team.

What to expect

  • You be will offered a virtual contact as the first option
  • A careful risk assessment will be made if a home visit is required.
  • There are options the type contact during a visit, (the preferred option is 2m distance).  This will be discussed with you and agreed before the visit.
  • A home visit will only be with your informed consent.
  • You will be asked screening questions about covid-19  before each visit.
  • You will be asked to leave windows and doors open, and the therapist will follow strict guidelines regarding cleaning,  and wearing full personal protective equipment
  • You will be given information, and an opportunity to ask questions before the visit.

You can read the covid policy by clicking the link below:

SOP Covid-19 2021