Ravensford Physiotherapy: Contact me for home based physio and rehabilitation

Please feel free to contact me for home based physio and rehabilitation and an informal chat

07840 037 910

0208 242 6098

You can also contact me by filling in the form here and ticking the “I’m not a robot” box.


    Useful websites:

    Balance and Walking

    • exercise and therapy to improve balance, strength and stamina
    • Specific therapy for vestibular problems which cause a loss of balance
    • Gait re-education
    • advice and therapy for foot drop, including advice about splints
    • home exercise plan
    • improving confidence walking outside

    Falls Prevention

    • advice about falls prevention and general health
    • assessment with walking aids (if required)
    • exercise to improve balance, mobility and confidence
    • practice getting up from the floor (if appropriate)

    Improving arm function e.g. after a stroke

    • specific exercise, including improving strength of the shoulder complex
    • therapy to improve function of the arm
    • use of evidence based adjuncts such as mirror box andĀ  electrical muscle stimulation
    • hands on therapy to improve range of movement and muscle activity

    Long Term Conditions e.g. Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis

    • management advice specific to the condition
    • exercise and therapy to improve movement, strength, function and fitness
    • PositioningĀ  management plan , including training carers/others
    • advice about the management of spasticity, and treatment for muscle stiffness
    • self-management plan

    Other Services

    • lycra orthotic provision
    • integration of a pilates approach when indicated
    • use of kinesio taping, and soft tissue therapy
    • interface with other agencies including NHS services, and onward referral as indicated
    • signpost for exercise and well being


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